Leicester City Forum List: FoxesTalk, Talking Balls & Reddit

Leicester City Football Club, most famous for its fairy-tale Premier League triumph back in the 2015/16 seasons, has cultivated a global fanbase bonded by a shared passion for the Foxes. In addition to the electric atmosphere at the King Power Stadium, Leicester City’s online forums provide a digital haven where fans come together to discuss everything from matchday heroics to transfer window dramas. Let’s explore some of the most popular Leicester City forums that serve as the virtual heartbeat of the Blue Army.

Top Pick – FoxesTalk

Foxes Talk

Some football clubs have a variety of popular fan forums that all enjoy healthy levels of traffic, giving prospective new users a real degree of choice. For any Leicester fan wanting to share their thoughts and opinions online though, there is one option that stands out way above the rest, this being FoxesTalk. Boasting over 27,000 members and over 7m posts, no other Leicester forum comes close to matching the sheer size of FoxesTalk.

Part of the reason that FoxesTalk has been able to enjoy something of a monopoly on Leicester content is how early to the game they were. The forum went live in the summer of 2004 and has been a regular presence online since. There are examples of other early adopters who enjoyed thriving communities initially but have since seen activity slowed but this is not the case for FoxesTalk. The site only quite recently hit their new ‘most users online’ record, this being 3,456 in September 2022.

Another reason that FoxesTalk is so popular is because of the site itself and how it is run. Extremely well organised, you have relevant subforums within Leicester City (the main forum, transfer talk, ticket news) and a General Discussion board with topics such as general chat, gaming, music and general football/sport. There is even a subforum for support where users can get help for any minor or major technical problems they have. The moderation team is fairly small (three admins and two moderators) but they are all so active that the site runs smoothly at all times.

It is also worth praising FoxesTalk for the build quality of the forum. It has come a very long way from the site that was first rolled out in 2004. As well as a smart logo and colour scheme, posts are easy to read and users can ‘react’ via emojis to them. Posters can also really customise their profiles by adding a gif/image, their location, interests and so on and can even write an ‘about me’ section. On top of this, it is possible to collect badges for achieving various forum milestones.

Finally, FoxesTalk has some other great features that you wouldn’t normally find on a standard forum. For one, they have their own player ratings page which compiles the scores from each post-game survey. Although not extremely active at present, there is an articles page with some quality Foxes content, mainly written by one member by the name of Kushiro.

Second Place – Talking Balls

Talking Balls

Although Talking Balls cannot come close to rivalling FoxesTalk in terms of activity, its slower pace may suit some users. Between games, there is a slow but steady addition of new posts while match days do see a spike, albeit not one that comes close to FoxesTalk. If Talking Balls could increase its membership, there is a making of a genuinely good alternative here. The forum itself, which has been on the go since 2003, is nice and lightweight, providing a smooth viewing experience on both PC and mobile.

It’s also divided into logical sub-forums with the main ‘Leicester City’ board where the lion’s share of the chatter takes place. It perhaps lacks some of the features of a more high-end site but it really is wonderfully tidy and comes with useful filter tools to help find specific posts/threads. Finally, it is worth mentioning it is run by a highly dedicated admin (username Jeff) who appears very hands-on when it comes to updating the site and fixing problems.

Third Place – Reddit’s r/lcfc

Reddit Leicester FC

Given the recent increase in Leicester’s global fan base and the popularity of the r/soccer subreddit, it is a surprise to see that the r/lcfc subreddit is not more active. Match threads do attract a sizeable number of comments (often 200+, which is more than Talking Balls) but talk outside of the matchday action is fairly limited. There is a trickle of top-level posts, usually one or two a day but most only attract a handful of comments unless relating directly to a recent match.

As with any subreddit, the layout takes some getting used to if you are not familiar with Reddit generally. For example, most threads default to listing comments in order of their ‘upvote’ rating rather than the football forum standard of oldest to newest. The lcfc subreddit is also more limited in what it can do as although each new post comes with a relevant tag, there are no sub-forums and the search function is notoriously limited. The bottom line is that r/lcfc is worth browsing if you are a Leicester-supporting Reddit user already but it is not yet worth making an account specifically for.

The Rest

If you are still after some alternatives, there are a couple of options you can consider but little more than that. Bentleys Roof forum is moderately busy although interestingly the non-football subforums have more messages than the main football forum. The moderation here is more hands-off than at most other forums so you can find more much bad language than you would elsewhere. On the whole, it feels more like a place for Leicester fans to congregate and talk freely about anything rather than being primarily a Leicester City forum.

As for other options, you begin to start scraping the barrel a little. Not 606’s Leicester forum only really has one active thread (‘The General Chat Thread’) outside of its prediction league game. Although not technically forums, you can find various LCFC ‘discussion groups’ on Facebook too. There are no particular standouts from the various groups that exist though especially as it seems many just use them to promote their own (often poorly-written) articles.

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